Are you a creative person? Do you want to get your hands on our materials to wax dip your own wine bottles at home? We offer materials for purchase on our website that are used by our artists at Etched Images. From melting pots, to wax and tape, you can search the Etched Images shop here


Some of our featured products are listed below:


6 Quart Wax Melting Pot with Adjustable Thermostat

This melting pot can hold up to eight pounds of wax at once. 


LowTemp Dip

This dip is available in six different colors and orders can be placed for 1 – 40 pounds. 


Wax Capsule Protector

These bags are designed to be slipped over the top of wax-dipped bottles in order to protect the finish of the wax.


If you are interested in dipping your own wine bottles, we also offer a dipping wax starter kit. This kit can be found here and includes a six quart melting pot and five pounds of wax in the color of your choice.

You can also watch our video here on how to wax dip your own wine bottle at home. Our artists walk you through the process step by step for a flawless finish. Enjoy!