Etched Images is happy to create beautiful pieces for our clients to enjoy with a personalized touch. However, we also sells wax kits for our clients to create their own unique products at home. To learn how to wax dip your own wine bottle, you can follow along with the video here or follow the instructions below:


  1. Choose your wax and place it into the wax melting pot until liquid. 
  2. Ensure that the cork is tightly secured into the top of the wine bottle. 
  3. Cover the cork with wax using a knife and let dry. 
  4. Trim the excess wax from the cork of the wine bottle.
  5. Insert the top of the wine bottle into your melted wax. 
  6. Let excess wax run-off the top of the bottle. 
  7. Place the top of the wine bottle with the wax into a bucket of cold water. 
  8. Swirl the bottle around in the cold water for ten seconds. 
  9. Remove wine bottle from the water and dry. 
  10. Enjoy!


Following these ten steps will leave you with an easy, but beautiful decorative piece that can then be personalized. Remember to cover your work with a wax capsule protector to preserve your art.