With the holiday season coming up, Etched Images has a variety of gifts and services to purchase for employees, family members, and friends. We create personalized wine bottles that are based on the artwork that you send us. When you create a project with Etched Images, you have the ability to choose the bottle, style, waxing, and etching. 

To request a project from Etched Images, begin by sending us the artwork that you would like featured on your bottle. We will then custom design a bottle for you with a personal touch. A custom engraved bottle of wine with your company’s logo makes a stunning, personalized gift.

We also create hand-dipped bottles using high-quality dipping wax. Our artists handle all of your projects with care and no one has more experience at dipping wine bottles than us.

We provide you with aesthetic gifts that can be appreciated year-round. To begin a project with us, click here.