NoChip Dip, for a distinctive wax-like finish.

NoChip Dip™ Antique Gold
NoChip Dip™ White
NoChip Dip™ Silver
NoChip Dip™ Royal Blue
NoChip Dip™ Red
NoChip Dip™ Purple
NoChip Dip™ Platinum
NoChip Dip™ Pink
NoChip Dip™ Orange
NoChip Dip™ Navy Blue
NoChip Dip™ Mustard
NoChip Dip™ Gold
NoChip Dip™ Forest Green
NoChip Dip™ Cream
NoChip Dip™ Copper
NoChip Dip™ Burgundy
NoChip Dip™ Bright Yellow
NoChip Dip™ Bright Purple
NoChip Dip™ Black
NoChip Dip™ Dark Green
NoChip Dip™ Forest Green
LowTemp Dip™ Black
LowTemp Dip™ Silver
LowTemp Dip™ Red
LowTemp Dip™ Gold
LowTemp Dip™ Copper
LowTemp Dip™ Burgundy

Etched Images, the creator of NoChip Dip™, is the foremost leader in wine bottle wax dipping, enabling each and every bottle to radiate with a luxurious shine. Our custom dipping wax never chips or flakes, and unlike the other dull-looking bottle waxes on the market, our hand-dipped wine bottles shimmer with eye-popping personality.

NoChip Dip™ is available in 19 illuminated and flawless colors, including metallics. Our bottle wax is 100% recyclable. With vibrant colors and a smooth, glossy finish, come see why our dipping wax is known as the “Wax with a Shine.”

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS:  We have a 50-pound minimum on all NoChip Dip™ orders shipped outside the domestic United States.  All International orders must be placed through our office and International credit cards are not accepted.  Please call us at 707-252-5450 or email with your inquiries and order requests.