Creating homemade wine is an exciting endeavor. Individuals who craft their own wine often run into trouble when it comes to corking their wine bottles. 

After the effort that has been poured into a homemade wine creation, the last thing that you want now is to mess it up. When it comes to corking your wine, you want to make sure that it is done correctly. 

Etched Images is proud to offer wine bottle corking as one of our many services. We will cork those wine bottles for you to ensure that everything is done precisely. Correctly preparing corks for bottling wine is important. 

At Etched Images, we carefully inspect your wine bottle and our corks to get the best fit. 

After we have corked your wine bottles, it is best to leave them standing up-right for 1 – 2 days to give the corks time to re-expand into the neck of the bottle. This will create a complete seal to maintain the quality of your wine.

After the waiting period, we recommend storing the bottles on their sides, so that the wine is touching the cork. This will keep the cork moist and expanded. 

To inquire about our wine bottle corking services today, you can complete our “Start A Project” form.