Etched Images – Premier Wine Bottle Etching & Painting Company

Wine has been called liquid art; at Etched Images, our goal is to create works of glass art that reflect the quality and uniqueness of the bottles’ contents. Our artisans carefully deep wine bottle etching and hand paint your bottles with your logo, label or message, to create a lasting impression.

Established in 1992, Etched Images has earned a reputation for high-quality design execution, workmanship and service. 1992 also marked the year we introduced our innovative dipping wax, NoChip Dip®. Another early innovation, developed by David Lincoln, was a process for blackening bottles. Simulating a full bottle of red wine, a blackened bottle is a cost-effective marketing tool.

Staffed by skilled technicians and artists, Etched Images has in-house capability for, computer-enhanced design, with coloring and waxing techniques seldom found in standard etching organizations. We are truly proud of our relatively small but handpicked staff and our great reputation!

Wine Bottle Etching and Painting

Hand-etched and painted wine bottles Skilled artisans. Hand Etched and Painted Wine Bottles are the product of skilled artisans using hand-crafted techniques perfected by Etched Images since 1992. Your wine label, logo or artwork etched on your wine bottle for a memorable and distinct impression!

Every step of the wine bottle etching and painting process varies on the complexity of a given wine label. There is more than one way to replicate a wine label from simple (lower cost), to complex (higher cost), to very complex (highest cost). That’s why it is important for us to get a feel for your budget before producing a cost quotation.

Wine Bottle Blackening

The process we invented to give display wine bottles a filled appearance. Our internally blackened bottles simulate full bottles of red wine and are a very practical, cost-effective marketing tool. Unlike full bottles of wine, blackened display bottles have an unlimited shelf life. A U/V resistant coating on the inside of the bottle also makes them resistant to sunlight. Weight is minimized drastically reducing shipping costs.

Dipping Wax – NoChip Dip® & LowTemp Dip®

NoChip Dip® – Nineteen (19) colors, including five metallic colors LowTemp Dip® – Six popular colors. We can dip your bottles or sell you NoChip Dip® by the pound. We also offer tear tape application and wax capsule stamping. As the source for North America’s most popular dipping wax, no one has more experience at dipping wine bottles and beer growlers than us. We can dip your bottles in any of the 20 available colors, and in several different dipping, styles to complement the look of your bottles or label. If you have any questions about dipping your bottles in NoChip Dip™, complete our “Start a Project” form, or call us at 707-252-5450.

Etched Images Special Products and Services

  • We sell large format bottles, corks and shippers
  • Wine bottle corking
  • Capsule spinning for 750ml wine bottles
  • Kodak Traceless Application – Protect your brand against counterfeiting and product diversion Tissue wrapping, product packaging and case labeling with your SKU number Shipping via UPS, FedEx or common carrier
  • Climate controlled wine protection – refrigerated (60 degrees)
  • Bonded Warehouse (BW 5999 CA)
  • Alcohol Beverage License Type 20

With rare exception, our labor-intensive process does not lend itself to hand-etching and hand-painting thousands of 750ml bottles. Depending on the complexity of the artwork, pricing begins at $16.00 each for an order that exceeds 289 750ml bottles. That is why it is unlikely that you will see our craftsmanship on grocery store shelves.

Etched Images has earned a reputation for high-quality design execution, workmanship and service, thus positioning the Company as a market leader.

Enhance Your Tasting Room and Wine Club Sales

Create a buzz in your tasting room or with your wine club by displaying large format bottles in your tasting room and featuring them in your club newsletter.