If you are planning an event and want to use wine bottles as decor, look no further. Etched Images is happy to sell large format wine bottles and corks for your projects. Whether you are throwing a corporate event or planning a wedding, wine bottles can make for beautiful centerpieces or accents on a display. 


Even if you are not throwing an event, wine bottles can be used to create beautiful pieces of home decor as well. Feeling creative? Here are some ideas of projects that can be completed using wine bottles.


We can send you the glass bottles for creating your projects and blacken them as well. You can choose the sizes and features when you order these materials from Etched Images. If you would like these items to be untouched, we can send plain bottles. However, we do provide bottle blackening, wax-dipping, and etching to customize the pieces for your event. 


Etched Images can supply you with the bottles and corks needed for your projects, from 1.5 to 18 liters in size. To get a quote for your project, you can complete our inquiry form located here.